Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Homework  for Tuesday night: 
Answer Questions 20-33  on your Study Guide for the Chemistry of Materials Unit Test this Friday. 
Please make the following corrections on your paper:

  • Due to a formatting mistake, you need to re-number the questions on the last 3 pages, as follows: 
    • Question 31 is followed by a Question marked "25". Please re-number Question "25" as Question 32.
    • Re-number the following questions as Questions 33 through 37.
So this chart is hard to read for one of the questions.  Here it is so you can make it easier to see on your screen: 

Want to try Mrs. Bridgers' Quizlet?  See if this invitation works: Greetings!

You've been invited to use a study set on Quizlet. Quizlet is a tool that helps you and your friends study any subject.

The study set is called Chemistry of Materials. It contains 23 terms, which include:

What is the chemical symbol for sodium?: Na
What is the chemical symbol for carbon?: C
What process is a physical change?: water evaporating
What process is a chemical change?: reacts with hydrochloric acid
In the modern periodic table, elements are arranged by:: atomic number
And 18 more…

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