Tuesday, November 24, 2015

6th Grade: Study your Review Sheets parts 1 and 2 for tomorrow's test.

7th Grade: 

HW: Following our in-class Activity "The Heart: A Muscle", answer Analysis Questions 1-4 on page B64 in writing on a SPP:
1. Compare the pressure bulb model to what you know about your heart. In what ways do you think the pressure bulb is a good model for your heart? What are the weaknesses of the pressure bulb as a model for the heart?
2. Use Table 1 (see below) to find out how much blood your heart pumps per minutes based on your height: a. Record the volume of blood (in liters) pumped by your heart each minute. 
B. Compare the amount of blood your heart pumps each minute to the amount of water you were able to pump: Was it more? Was it Less? By how much?

3. Describe how hard your heart works by using quantitative and qualitative data from this activity. Hint: Be sure to look at your notes this activity. 

4. Why do you think that exercising regularly decreases your heart rate?