Monday, June 6, 2016

7th Grade classes - Final Exam on Thursday, June 9 of this week.  For the part of your 7th Grade Final Review packet not yet answered as of the end of today's class:
*define at least half of all remaining vocab terms and
* Answer at least half of all remaining Analysis (and other ) Questions.

6th Grade classes - Final Exam at or near the end of this week.  For the part of your 6th Grade Final Review packet (shown below)  not yet answered as of the end of today's class:
* define at least half of all remaining vocab terms and
* Answer at least half of all remaining Analysis (and other ) Questions.

Stamford Public Schools
Science Department

District Final Examination –


Grade 6
Honors Science

Student Name:                                                                                                        




Dear 6th Grade Science Student,

The district-wide 6th grade science final exam for the 2014-2015 school year will focus on the concepts covered throughout the year in science. Students will have 50 minutes for this exam.

Enclosed is a list of the skills and concepts from your science course.  Next to each main topic is the number of questions that will appear on the final exam and also the way questions will be formatted (Selected Response or Constructed Response). 

Please see your science teacher if you feel you need more help or have questions.

Wishing you success on your exam,

Carrie Chiappetta,
Director of School Improvement and Professional Development—Secondary

Blueprint for 2014-2015 District Final Exam
Grade 6 Honors

Concept/ Topics
Question Type

Sea/Land Breeze

1 selected response

1 selected response


1 selected response
Studying Materials Scientifically
Types of Hazards
1 selected response

1 selected response

States of Matter
1 selected response

1 selected response
1 constructed response  

Chemistry of Materials
Elements and Compounds

2 selected response
Periodic Table
1 selected response
Chemical and Physical Change
1 selected response


1 selected response



3 selected response

Phases of Matter

1 selected response

1 selected response
1 constructed response

Solutions and Solvents

1 selected response
1 constructed response

Water Cycle

2 selected response


1 constructed response
1 selected response


1 selected response


1 selected response

Consumers and Producers

2 selected response


1 selected response

Invasive Species

1 constructed response

Plant and Animal Cells

1 selected response

Science Process
You should be able to:
·        Design experiments that test specific science questions
·        Know how variables relate to testing a hypothesis
·        Demonstrate a knowledge of common lab equipment and measurement units
·        Read and interpret graphs, tables and diagrams
·        Analyze data and observations to form reasonable conclusions
·        Apply mathematics to solving quantitative problems as applied to science
·        Use common science language and vocabulary correctly
·        Find logical connections between science concepts and applications in the real world.
·        Give evidence and identify trade-offs
·        Explain how science understanding changes as we discover new things

Science Content  

·        Studying Materials Scientifically
Key vocabulary:
o   Mass
o   Volume
o   Density
o   Displacement
o   Mixtures
o   Toxic
o   Flammable
o   Corrosive
Analysis questions:
o   How do you measure mass?
o   What methods can be used to separate mixtures?
o   How do you calculate volume?
§  Water displacement method
§  Measurement method
o   How do you calculate density?

·        Chemistry of Materials
Key vocabulary:
o   Physical properties
o   Chemical properties
o   Periodic table
o   Atomic number
o   Atom, molecule
o   Elements, Compounds
o   Dilution
o   Concentration
o   Density
o   Solution
Analysis questions:
o   What are examples of chemical and physical properties?
o   What are the similarities and differences between elements and compounds?
o   How do you make a serial dilution?
o   How are elements arranged in the periodic table?
o   How do you determine the number of atoms in a chemical formula?
·        Weather
Key Vocabulary
o   Precipitation
o   Condensation
o   Condense
o   Evaporation
o   Evaporate
o   Gas
o   Liquid
o   Solid
o   Phase change
o   Humidity
o   Air pressure
o   Air mass
o   Global wind
o   Land breeze
o   Sea breeze
o   Front

Analysis questions:
o   What is the difference between humid and non-humid air?
o   What are the instruments used to measure weather?
o   What weather conditions to expect from different clouds
o   What are the different parts of a weather report?
o   What gases make up the earth’s atmosphere?

·        Water
Key Vocabulary
o   Contamination- biological and chemical
o   Acids
o   Bases
o   Evaporation
o   Universal solvent
o   Concentration
o   Phases of matter/ solid, liquid, gas
o   Solution
o   Solvent
o   Solute
o   Neutralize

Analysis questions:
o   What is the difference between biological and chemical contamination?
o   How does the pH scale determine if a substance is an acid, base, or neutral?
o   What are examples of biological and chemical contamination in water?
o   What are examples of condensation in nature?

·        Ecology
Key Vocabulary
o   Invasive Species
o   Photosynthesis
o   Consumer
o   Producer
o   Decomposer
o   Classification
o   Ecosystem

Analysis questions:
o   What are the differences between consumers, producers, and decomposers?
o   What are the effects of an introduced species in a new area?
o   Know examples of producers, consumers, and decomposers in an aquatic food web
o   What are the major differences between plant and animal cells?



Thursday, June 2, 2016

June 2
All classes will have the final Unit test of the year on Friday

6th grade students: Study all answers on the Ecology NotesBe sure to look at the Electronic version of the SEPUP text Issues and Life Science for Friday's Ecology Unit test for reference.  

7th Grade students: For Friday's Plate Tectonics Unit test, study all answers on the Plate Tectonics Study Guide, formerly posted below: